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The Open Server/OpenStorage Summit program will provide attendees with practical information on the current state of open servers and their hardware, software, construction, applications, management, and operation. It will focus on open specifications and open-source projects, such as Open Compute, Open Rack, OpenStorage, Open Ethernet, OpenStack, OpenFlow, Open Daylight, OpenDOVE, Open Networking, DDR4, Hybrid Memory Cube, NVMe, PCIe, RapidIO, OpenZFS, and Ceph). It will have four major tracks:

  • Compute/Microservers
  • Storage Architectures
  • Networking
  • Software-Defined Storage/OpenStorage

Typical topics of interest

  • Open specifications and standards
  • Cloud computing/cloud servers
  • Software-defined storage
  • Microservers
  • Software-defined data center
  • SDN (software-defined networking)
  • Open-source software
  • Big data and Hadoop
  • Industry-standard hardware
  • Power and cooling methods
  • Server roadmaps
  • Application acceleration
  • Fabrics
  • Solid-state storage
  • Low-power design
  • Silicon photonics
  • Virtualization

Intended Audience

  • Server hardware and software designers
  • Communications and networking specialists
  • CIOs, IT, IS, and server managers
  • Hardware and software managers
  • Network and computer managers
  • Data center designers and managers
  • Embedded system designers
  • Engineering managers
  • Solution providers and consultants
  • VARs, OEMs, system integrators

Your Participation

The Summit is open to everyone involved in the design, development, integration, marketing, use, or support of open servers, or related hardware, software, or services. Please submit your proposal on-line no later than February 1, 2016 to:

Proposal Submission - Please use our ONLINE FORM to submit your proposal. If you have any questions regarding the online submission form process, please contact our webmaster.

Proceedings - A copy of the materials (such as visuals) for publication in the on-line Summit Proceedings must be provided by March 11, 2016.